Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catching Up with Stories

Recent Enewsletters have focused on Team Vegan leafleters, so here are some other stories:

We had SUCH a great experience at UMass-Lowell today! It should have been absolutely miserable (it was cold and raining super hard) - but with the positivity of the volunteers, I couldn't help smiling the entire day. We gathered about 6 email addresses to give people more details about getting involved! We also met two people who came up to us, thanked us profusely, and said after reading the booklet, they were going to go vegetarian!
-Rachel Atcheson, 2/27/13

Last year, George Fox University, a private Christian school, asked their student government to vote on whether I could table there. The student government voted me in, so I was there today, with CVA's "Would Jesus Eat Meat Today?" booklet. Met many vegetarians and interested students. Talked with two men - one vegan and the other a friend who he had recently influenced to go vegetarian. The vegan was happy to see me there, saying a lot of people gave him trouble over the fact that he's vegan. He said this was the first time he had seen literature that discussed vegetarianism and the Bible. A man took a "Would Jesus Eat Meat Today?" booklet and asked, "What do you think? Do you think He would?" (in what I thought was a skeptical tone). I said I'm guessing He would not, but I can't prove it. The man asked, "What would He eat? Bread?" I gave him a Guide, and said, "Here are some other things that people eat." A woman said, "Actually I think He would eat fish." I said, "He did eat fish, but there are questions of what He would eat in our era. It was harder to get food back then, and they hadn't invented some of the worst ways of killing fish yet." (In retrospect, I'm not sure whether the Bible actually mentions Jesus eating fish, but He served fish to other people.)
-Cobie Delespinasse, 2/25/13

Great night at The Rock and Worship Roadshow, where Anna, Aaron, Katie, Melodie, Sheila, Stephanie, and I reached 1,500 people with CVA booklets. A few people returned the booklet, but just as many people came back to get additional booklets. I had some success with a young guy who declined a booklet, declared "I like meat!", and started walking away. I was able to grab his attention by asking if he believed that animals should be treated inhumanely. He came back over to me for a brief, positive conversation, and then he walked away reading the booklet. 
-Jessica Dadds, 3/1/13

Traffic held us up, but good outreach at Florida International University, Biscayne Bay. One middle age vegetarian woman took a brochure and then returned a few minutes later asking for more, so she could distribute them in her work place. Another highlight for me here too was in meeting a high school aged vegetarian who excitedly took her leaflet (then proceeding to make sure her 6 other friends with her also took one) and then told me how she'd recently given a talk in class about being vegetarian, getting one of her classmates to give it a try in the process. So exciting to meet others willing and already busy getting the word out for the animals. She got a Guide, and I have no doubt will continue being an excellent and positive role model for others she meets interesting in transitioning into a more compassionate lifestyle. 
-Ken Pelton and Yuri Mitzkewich, 3/4/13

After a slow start, things picked up at Miramar College, and I had some great conversations. One guy came back after about a half hour to say he read the entire booklet, and doesn’t know if he will be able to eat animals again after this and thanked me for being there and asked for a couple of leaflets to give to his friends. Another positive encounter was with a guy who was a bit resistant at first but after talking for a few minutes said he could feel how passionate I was, and promised to read the booklet before his next class. Met someone who said she had seen something relating to factory farming in a class and that she was happy to receive a leaflet because she had been wanting to learn more about it ever since.
An all around great day at Southwestern College -- so many nice encounters. A lot of people stopped to ask what this was about and began asking many questions; I feel that I really got through to a number of them. My favorite part about doing outreach is having conversations like this, seeing them change their minds and come to new realizations is the best. I really enjoy when people ask so many questions, and when I have a group around me talking and asking questions it lures more people over to see what it’s all about. I continue to experiment with different methods, bringing up various points and learning what works best and what doesn’t work as well. Each time I leaflet I feel that I’m making improvements in my ability to get through to people more and more.
-Shura Hammond, 3/6/13

Ciera Leughmyer in her Team Vegan shirt.