Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is Leafleting Effective?

This week's Enewsletter covers a recent Farm Sanctuary / The Humane League survey of students handed a VO booklet. Highlights:

49% of students who had received a VO booklet while in college changed their diet to help animals. Furthermore, about 20% of the surveyed students influenced another person to alter their diet to help animals.

The implications of the Farm Sanctuary / The Humane League survey results are pretty incredible:
  • Every few booklets you hand to students will influence someone to change what they eat. 
  • Getting a Vegan Outreach booklet to a few hundred students will lead to new vegetarians! 
  • The “cost” of a new vegetarian is in the range of a mere $2-10. 
How many people receive a booklet depends entirely on income. In other words, your donation really does change lives and save many, many animals!

Today, your donation to Team Vegan will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, reaching twice as many college students! 

Thanks so much – you really make a difference!