Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Oberg in Michigan

As John roots on his beloved Red Wings, we revisit some of his leafletings in Michigan:

Christine [below] came back and said, "Thank you for giving me this! I've read half of it on my walk. This pamphlet is really good. I had not idea it was like this. I think you've got somebody [me] convinced." I informed her that as bad as it is, there's something she can do about it and gave her a Guide.

At U Michigan, Ernest said: "If the statistics are true, I'm definitely going to eat less meat.
I can't believe the way we treat chickens just in the name of profit!"

At Henry Ford Community College, Adam [above] told me, "This is some serious stuff... It really makes me think differently." He seemed very convinced that he should stop eating animals.

Rachael (further below) and I had a good convo with Susan [below], who I could tell was holding back tears at first. She said repeatedly "I'm just so shocked. If I had known about how they were treating animals, I would never have been eating meat"

Rachael Murray (above) and Karley Bodis
at Henry Ford Community College.

Kate Brindle at U Michigan.

At Macomb CC, above and below.

Reading Even If and feeding squirrels, at U Mich.

Oakland Community College.

Engrossed at Washtenaw Community College,
c/o Phil Letten.

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