Friday, May 3, 2013

Team Espinosa!

A new leafleter reports:

"Joe Espinosa helped teach me how to leaflet today at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was amazing! When I first walked up on campus to meet him, I thought, 'Who is that man doing graceful Tai Chi?' and it turned out to be Joe handing out booklets. It was really helpful to watch him in action and I learned so many things about leafleting from his advice. He has this amazing way of being assertive without being aggressive that gets so many students to take a brochure! He was really kind and took a lot of time with me to teach me and he gave me a book called The Animal Activist's Handbook, and some booklets."

"I really felt an accomplishment at handing out the brochures for the first time to students - it felt really meaningful. I wanted to thank your organization again for the wonderful work that you do and to especially thank Joe Espinosa for teaching me so much today."

Want to help Joe reach more new people, and inspire more new activists?

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