Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Power of a VO Booklet, Georgia

Eric Griffith writes from Athens, GA:

I'd like to share a short story with you about the power of these booklets you've created and worked so hard to spread throughout the world:

Last September, the University of Georgia held the annual Student Activities Fair. Hundreds of student organizations set up tables to promote their causes and recruit new members. Our animal advocacy group, SOS (Speak Out for Species) had a table at the Fair. At the same time, I handed out VO booklets to the passing crowd. 

One girl who took a booklet from me paused and then walked back to me. She said that she used to be vegetarian, but she had gone back to eating meat. She said this booklet might be just the thing to inspire her to try being vegetarian again.  

Since receiving your booklet, she (Jordan Alexander, above, far right) did resume being vegetarian again, then became vegan, and has been a very active volunteer with our group all during the school year. Next year, Jordan is going to be vice-president of our group! 

Thanks a million to you for creating these booklets and making them available. They have the power to change the direction of a life in a profound way. And thanks also for providing the encouragement and positive example to people like me who needed that boost of courage to get out there and leaflet!

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