Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vegan Food for Everyone! Great Stuff from Ginny


I was thrilled to come across vegan goodies [at Costco]. But when I reported my finds on Facebook: Was the tofu GMO? Wasn’t there sugar in the seaweed salad? And shouldn’t I be shopping locally?

The more that people see vegan food in stores—especially stores like Costco where food is cheap—the more they might be willing to eat those foods.

We need to make animal-friendly actions “possible, simple, fast, convenient.”

I’ll do [something uncomfortable] if it pushes vegan food another few inches into the mainstream. Because, what’s comfortable for us isn’t really the point of veganism, right? Something that I guess should be obvious, but often isn’t: “I am not my audience.”

How I view veganism is not how my audience views it. I see it as (relatively) easy. Many people don’t. Yet, some activist efforts seem aimed at making it as hard as possible. You don’t just have to [eat] vegan—you also have to shop locally, scrutinize labels to make sure that every six-syllable ingredient on the food label is vegan, and cook everything from scratch. (And then we hide the vegan food where no one can find it!)

Not everyone likes to cook (and an aversion to cooking is not a moral failing). And not everyone can afford to buy local/organic food. (Being strapped for cash is not a moral failing, either.)

With some guidance, though, everyone can be vegan or can at least start taking steps toward a more vegan lifestyle. We can build roadblocks, or create paths. Assuring availability of a wide range of all types of vegan foods at stores and restaurants, and making them easy to find, puts more vegan food in the path of those who are open to trying it.

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