Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Even More Stories!

Slow start at Miramar College, but then things picked up and I had some great conversations. One guy came back after about a half hour to say he read the entire booklet. He doesn't know if he will be able to eat animals again after this and thanked me for being there, asking for a couple more booklets to give to his friends. Another positive encounter was with a guy who was a bit resistant at first but after talking for a few minutes said he could feel how passionate I was and promised to read the entire booklet before his next class. Met someone who said she had seen something relating to factory farming in a class and that she was happy to receive a booklet because she had been wanting to learn more about it ever since.
  An all around great day at Southwestern College. A lot of people stopped to ask what this was about and began asking many questions and I feel that I really got through to a number of them. Each time I leaflet I feel that I'm making improvements in my ability to get through to people more and more.
-Shura Hammond, 3/6/13

An awesome, awesome day at UW Milwaukee! One student told me she was scared to try to go vegan, and I explained that our primary goal is to help educate people about how they can cut their meat intake or cut it out completely. Told her she could start one day at a time. I gave her a Guide which she was thrilled to get; she said she was definitely going to check it out because "I just can't stand that I'm eating once living and breathing animals, and I love animals!"
-Amber Smith, 3/8/13

Today at Georgetown was one of those days that makes you proud to be a leafleter. We had many people thank us for being on campus, met many veg'ns, reached over a thousand students, and met a student (and mother of two) who said she received a booklet 4 years ago and has been vegetarian ever since!
-Aaron and Kate, 3/11/13

New leafleter Brian was a natural, despite the cold. I also had a great conversation with a lady that was outraged about the treatment of animals, but also said that she'd probably forget about it in a few weeks and go back to her old ways. I immediately handed her a Guide, and we had a nice conversation about how doing the right thing is not always easy, but worth it. I said that I would never do these things to an animal, so it was not really cool to pay somebody else to do my dirty work for me. She left inspired and determined to make lasting changes to her diet.
-Mikael Nielsen, 3/19/13

Rachel, Jamie, Kevin, and John after leafleting St. Patty's Day in Chicago.