Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pics from Cobie and Other Stories

Cobie Delespinasse sends these pictures of Portland Community College students who are now changing their diet to help animals as a result of getting a VO booklet.

Also, these stories:

Had a great day today at Palomar College, met a lot of people who seemed very interested in receiving this information. Met a professor who is taking the steps to going vegan and asked for a few leaflets to show to her students, she then came back later to tell me that her students were very receptive and a couple were going to order Guides. Met quite a few vegetarians. My favorite interaction of the day was with a guy who refused the leaflet initially, said something along the lines of he knows what goes on and it sucks but there's nothing anyone can do about it. We talked for a good 15-20 minutes and by the time he walked away, leaflet in hand, he was much more open to different perspectives and seemed impressed by the difference that a each person going vegan can make. 
     Had many interesting conversations at MiraCosta College today. One girl had previously received a CC booklet and has been cutting down her meat consumption significantly with the goal of going vegan eventually. Met a guy who was in the process of transitioning as well and has cut out everything except for eggs and cheese. He said that coming across me today reminds him that he really needs to quit it with the excuses and just go vegan already. 
Shura Hammond, 3/27/13

Yuri and I reached almost 1,000 students at Broward College, and we had good conversations. For example, one man said how important meat was, and he could never see himself breaking with that tradition. I explained how we have to rise above the cultural norms and think for ourselves. Surprisingly, he it had never occurred to him to question his culture. After some back and forth, he admitted I got him to thinking about it in a different way. Also met a young lady who wants to volunteer.
Ken Pelton, 3/25/13

Ben and I reached 1,000 students before noon at Emerson College, with great interactions. For example: one lady said she received a booklet a few months back, and went vegetarian from it! 
Rachel Atcheson, 3/29/13

Syd, Kayla, Brian, and I had excellent reception at Columbia College, where we reached almost 1,000. We heard from a ton of people that were already veg. I had a nice conversation with a student that said we had recently handed her one and that she was now veg. Others were very excited about making some changes for the better. I got two skateboarders, and Kayla had a Columbia student write a poem about her and leafleting. Has that ever happened before? 
Mikael Nielsen, 4/2/13