Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Question 1: Why?

From a recent interview:

-In the past year, since I have decided to go vegetarian and most recently vegan, I, as with any one who makes this choice, have been met with all of the typical responses from those who do not understand why someone would choose such a thing. Could you explain to our readers who may not be familiar with the idea, why many people are choosing to no longer consume animals?

Recently, there was a viral video showing a young child right at the moment he realizes animals are killed to be eaten. His reaction – incredulous, appalled, horrified – is one of the saddest and yet most deeply human things I’ve ever seen.

As adults, we think we’re wiser and more realistic than children. But when it comes to our empathy – our fundamental humanity – are we really superior? When I was 18 and found out about the hidden, horrible brutality animals experience in today’s factory farms and slaughterhouses, I, like most adults, created elaborate rationalizations so as to continue to eat animals. But as our daughter said when she was a child and asked why she didn’t eat meat: “I know I don’t want to suffer; I don’t want to make anyone else suffer, either.”

It really is that simple.