Thursday, June 13, 2013

Question 3: Hopeful?

-With many companies and universities refusing to buy eggs from battery cage farms, and most recently with Johnsonville Sausage committing to phase out gestation crates, do these baby steps make you feel hopeful for the future? And what changes do you think will be in store somewhere down the line?

Am I hopeful? Yes!

I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a quarter century now, and I am absolutely amazed at the progress of the past ~7 years! When Jack, Anne, and I started Vegan Outreach, concern for animals was pretty much limited to companion animals and high-profile mammals. The number of animals killed every year in the US was growing by leaps and bounds. Now, huge corporations are making decisions based on the welfare of animals raised for food; billionaires like Bill Gates, Biz Stone, and Peter Thiel say the future of food is vegan; vegan options (Tofurky, Gardein, Beyond Meat, etc.) are increasing in quantity, expanding in availability, and decreasing in cost. More importantly, the number of animals killed in the US has actually gone down since 2006 – the first year Vegan Outreach distributed more than a million booklets.

We can see the new world on the horizon: more people boycotting brutal factory farms until they are no longer accepted; more people choosing meat-free meals until eating ethically is cheap, easy, and tasty for everyone.

Every day, with every choice we make and every person we meet, we’re bringing this new world closer!