Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Report from Pennsylvania

I received my recent order the other day. Thank you. The last time I passed out booklets it was great. This one woman about my age told me she's been vegetarian for 3 years, so I gave her a Guide and asked her if she was interested in leafleting, and she said yes. We had a good conversation and she said she would give me a call. Also, I gave a booklet to this nice older lady who owns a hair salon downtown very close to where I was leafleting; she took booklets for her customers.

In addition, I had conversations with these two awesome people who had an organic food stand and the guy gave me a discount on the organic radishes and greens. In the afternoon while I was leafleting, this one young man was so appalled by the images that he wanted a booklets to distribute himself -- and so did his friend. So we leafleted together for a few minutes and I asked him if he wanted to leaflet with me again and he said yes and that he would call me.

I reached over 500 people that day. I have to tell you that after I gave a booklet to this one guy in his early 70s; then he told me, "I'm going vegetarian." I asked him if he would like a Guide and he said sure, so I gave him one. Great day. Thank you so much for the booklets and your help. I love Vegan Outreach. 
-WM, 6/15/13