Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Simplest Case Is The Strongest Case

From "Animals, Not Arguments":

"When I went vegan 20+ years ago, a common theme was to 'win an argument with a meat eater.' Every topic was fair game, and every question or theory – no matter how tangential or absurd – was argued fanatically.

"I fell into this trap, too, believing and parroting the most outrageous claims about impotence, water usage, etc. It took me a long time to realize the point isn’t to show how many claims I had memorized, or to glorify my veganism, or to 'defeat' a meat eater.

"Rather, the bottom line is to help animals by helping more people make informed, compassionate choices....

"Still, many activists think, 'If one argument for vegetarianism is good, then ten are better, and 100 are even better!'

"But this is actually the opposite of how human psychology works. An argument for significant change isn’t strengthened by volume. Rather, any case for change is a chain – only as strong as its weakest link. Every additional argument offered to a non-vegetarian both dilutes and distracts from the strongest argument for making compassionate choices."

This was shown again this week when this video of a child questioning eating animals went viral (6/5 update -- link changed. Note -- copies of these videos are being taken down; in short -- a young child realizes animals are killed to be eaten, and refuses to partake). No debate over global warming, or grandpa living to be 95 while eating meat, or eggs being very environmentally efficient, or their doctor's insistence that eating chickens and fishes is healthy.

Just a simple, to-the-point insight.

The sooner we stand up for the animals, instead of outsmarting ourselves, the sooner we'll reach all those we can.