Thursday, June 27, 2013

Warped Tour Pomona: Fellowship of the Booklets

2 Days in Pomona! Victoria, Benjamin, Jeremy, Kassy, Jonathan, Beau, Radish, Michelle, Sacha, and Ethan, who supplied these reports:

Day 1
We set up at the mouth of Mordorplex. Booklets in hand, our Fellowship stood tall. We drew a line determined that none shall pass… without receiving a booklet. Fueled by unfiltered tap water and overpriced cola, we braved the Eye (of our solar system) which bore down upon us. Soon the light began to fail and the hordes began to grow. We were but six (Victoria, Ben, Kassy, Jeremy, Jon, Ethan) but soon the Riders of FARM, who heard our call for help, came to our aid as we were overtaken by masses of attendees.

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, out of the 9,000 people who attended, we reached 8,000. Yes, we got confirmation from the staff at the Fairplex that about 9,000 people were at the today's event. 8,000 leaflets went out. So Awesome!

Day 2
This team is a force to be reckoned with. We had set up a defense and everyone knew their position. Fresh off the previous day's victory, the crew was confident in themselves and each other. Everyone's senses were heightened. Whenever one of us got into trouble down low and needed a refill on booklets, someone would step in to fill the gap or hand off a portion of their stack. It became a fluid motion where all members began to move like one.