Monday, July 22, 2013

From Anne: Perspective on AAC

Take a look at the numbers from the official start of Vegan Outreach's Adopt a College program in Fall 2003:

  • Total Booklets: 22,217 
  • Total Schools: 63 
  • Total Leafleters: 42

The top leafleter was Josh "The Hulk" Balk (right), with 7 schools and 4,299 booklets.

Ten years later:

  • 36 activists handed a booklet to more people than '03 Josh;
  • 11 activists had distributions larger than F03's entire total;
  • 5 activists leafleted at more than 63 schools.

And the total leafleters, well ... nearly 8 times more!

Spring 2013

  • Total Booklets: 910,917
  • Total Schools: 961
  • Total Leafleters: 327

To our leafleters: Your efforts in getting the word out, getting others active, and helping maintain the wonderful partnerships Vegan Outreach has with other local, regional, and national groups are simply magnificent!

To our donors: This growth has been driven by your increasing generosity. Only because of your thoughtful support have we been able to print and ship so many booklets, and reach so many people!

I look forward to another decade of focused outreach for the animals.

Thank you!
Anne Green
Director of Development and Programs