Thursday, July 25, 2013

News, Feedback, Cover, Etc.

Our good pals have been busy!

Ginny Messina, RD, picks up on a post by Jack: Zinc and Cadmium in Vegan Diets

Harish wonders if the meat industry is telling the truth: Factory farming and the price of meat

If you have been veg for a quarter century or so, you are probably as shocked by the progress we've made lately. But with our continued efforts, it could be much faster.

Just came across this post to Facebook:

I was @ Warped yesterday in Hartford and my friends and I were approached by someone handing out your booklets. I talked with her for a while and was horrified when I looked through the booklets. I decided to go full vegetarian and mostly vegan (I'll ease my way into veganism).
CM, 7/15/13

If you've not seen it, this is the cover of this year's Warped booklet: