Monday, July 8, 2013

Progress! Focus on Birds / Fewer Animals Dying (Another Analysis)

This post looks at the numbers slightly differently, but comes to the same conclusions:

1. Birds deserve our focus. IOW: Bad news for red meat is bad news for chickens.

2. People are eating fewer animals:

Since peaking in 2004, US meat eaters eat 5 fewer land animals apiece — a 16% drop.

That's 923 million fewer than in 2005, in spite of a rising population.
US meat eaters killed fewer than 8 billion land animals for the first time since at least 2000.

Land animals slaughtered (which includes exports) fell below 9 billion for the first time since 2002. The average meat eater caused the deaths of fewer land animals than any other year going back to at least 2000.

That’s fewer cows and fewer chickens than any year since at least 2000; deaths for pigs, turkeys, and ducks remain at near lows.