Tuesday, July 9, 2013

W MacAskill; Vegetarians Live Longer, But It’s Not Because They Don’t Eat Meat

The founder of 80,000 Hours brings the science and math!

Whole thing worth reading to help read articles critically and be honest in our advocacy; excerpt:

[F]or those concerned with animal suffering, touting the health benefits of vegetarianism (as many veg advocacy organisations do) can not only be misleading, it risks being downright dangerous. By far the most likely culprit for the health costs of eating meat is red meat: rich in saturated fat and carnatine. But, in terms of animal suffering per calorie, red meat pales in comparison with chicken, eggs, and fish (where the animals live in far worse conditions, and where dramatically fewer calories are produced per animal). So if, by promoting the health benefits of meat reduction, consumers cut down on red meat and compensate with chicken, eggs and fish, then the veg advocate might have done more harm than good.