Thursday, August 8, 2013

Speed the Spread of Slow Ideas

Jon Camp saw this interview:

Atul Gawande discusses his New Yorker article, "Slow Ideas: Some ideas spread fast. How do you speed the ones that don't?"

And recognized the implication for Vegan Outreach. Key quote:

"The most powerful force for [having people] change their norms is not whether you pay them, not whether you penalize them, but whether you talk to them. People talking to people. [If] you trust someone who is doing this, then you change."

Jennifer Greene
This points to a vastly under-appreciated aspect of effective advocacy -- it isn't just providing people with information. Rather, the example we set is both incredibly important and potentially powerful.

Or, as we discuss in AML, being truly effective at creating change means being the opposite of the vegan stereotype.

And the importance of people providing a positive example of compassionate living is one of the strengths of the Adopt a College program. Every day, thousands of new people meet dedicated, compassionate individuals, and their example can provide new opportunities for learning and growth -- which we can all see in many stories from our leafleters