Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vic Is On Fire! New Record!

Vic Sjodin, who recently blew past a lifetime total of 600,000 people reached with a VO booklet, just set a new single-day one-person record at Cal State Northridge, reaching 6,000 students!

"Great interactions. Met Natalie (above) who went vegan after getting booklet at Ventura Warped Tour. 

"Luis (above) read the booklet today and now wants to go veg now. 

"Recreation dept administrator and I had a good walking convo; he said, "This is interesting, thank you I will read it." Had a bro down with many dudes, but one in particular seemed moved at the end I told him, "You seem awesome, I'm sure you will respond to a good and timely message." Two separate women said they wanted to go veg but didn't want their pics taken. Spoke to Christy last night from campus group and she came to say hello before class and I invited her to leaflet and did for about 15 min before class and her incipient group will likely help in the future. Others said they read the whole thing. Three asked for a second booklet to show someone else. Another student said she has been wanting to go veg and got a Guide and some encouragement. Had many other quick interactions. Several thanked me for being out there and a kind woman could see I was beat and brought me a water and Gatorade right at the end. What a fun day!!!"