Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Day in the Life: Vic Sjodin at Mt. Sac

The animals' Gentle Giant has been doing his amazing work throughout SoCal. Here are a few pics Vic sent in from Sept. 12 at Mt. San Antonio College (listen to this as soundtrack):

"Special day; many interactions with people after getting booklets. Overheard students saying things like, 'this is horrible,' and discussing the booklet with friends.

"Veronica [above] came back, said she wants to stop eating and hurting animals, and asked for lit to show her friends. Also met Milagro [below] who was horrified by treatment of animals and wants to go veg.

"Three students [above] were also horrified by treatment of farm animals; they said they wanted to work with VO for their mandatory 8 hours volunteering for one of their classes.

"Another student [above] stopped by told me she was an animal lover and related how she had saved dogs and a duck. I mentioned how most animals that suffer and abused are those confined and mutilated and killed for human consumption, and gave her a Guide and gently related that to be an animal lover means not to eat them! Another student [below] came by said she was deeply affected by lit and wants to go vegan. 

"Also met Pedro [below] who was in haste going to class but in a min related how it was just horrible what happens to farmed animals; he wanted to help and hoped to connect in future. Many other interactions [including Jordana, bottom] and quick bro-downs, a very solid day here."