Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are "Vegans" the Meat Industry's Most Insidious Plot?

Years ago, I thought the meat industry's best approach would be to undermine people's confidence in cruelty-free protein options -- e.g., scaring people about soy.

Another highly effective approach to protecting the status quo of animal abuse would be to sockpuppet as a "vegan." Any time a story comes up about animals or veg eating, "vegans" will post angry, judgmental, extremist, anti-human comments. As long as the stereotype of vegans remains self-centered, hateful, and disconnected from reality, non-vegetarians will have an excuse to ignore the animals' plight.

There are plenty of examples -- just look in any comment section of just about any story ... if you have the stomach for it. Here is another example, addressed by The Sistah Vegan Project:

Got Colon Cancer? Then You Should Have Gone Vegan

Hard to imagine what we could do to make it less likely for new people to consider veganism.