Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Catching Up With Chris Guinn!

Chris is currently on the road, and sends in these pictures from recent schools (Alphabetized! Now there's a first!):

Anna (above) at Salem State was doing some homework at a picnic table close to where I was leafleting. I was mostly just paying attention to the foot traffic on the sidewalk and hadn't approached her, but my leafleting had piqued her interest enough for her to get up and inquire about my outreach. We spoke for a few minutes about cruelty-free eating before she sat back down at the picnic table to finish reading our lit.

This student at Harrisburg was very much supportive of our mission. He said that after reading our booklet, as a Christian, he thought that God would want him to be a better steward of the earth. He requested some literature for his friends so I gave him a few copies of Even If You Like Meat and Guides to Cruelty-Free Eating. I also recommended he look into Christian veg groups that would have more information about choosing compassion that pertains to his specific faith.

This student at Wilkes University was looking after his younger siblings when I passed him a booklet, he sat down at this bench nearby to flip through it. The children he was with also wanted a booklet, so they all sat down and looked at the pictures together. The children were obviously appalled to see their favorite farm animals in these conditions -- perhaps we planted the seeds for some future animal advocates.

Garrett at Bucknell read our EI booklet in class. When passing me on his way back he told me that he eats a pretty standard omnivorous diet, but that after learning a bit more about factory farming from our booklet, he was going to make an effort to cut back on his meat consumption. He was also interested in veg eating in general so I was sure to get him a Guide!

Above photo is 2 girls at Wilkes University who were supportive of our work!

Lauren at Harrisburg Area Community College is a vegetarian of 13 years who was excited to see me leafleting her college campus. We spoke for a minute and she told me that she was interested in transitioning to eating more vegan meals.

Marissa at East Stroudsburg University was really moved by our booklet. She had never tried eating veg and told me that she hadn't known anything about the conditions on factory farms before reading our Even If at lunch. We spoke for a few minutes about when I decided to go veg, and how I transitioned to the lifestyle from a standard American diet. Being new to veg eating, I was sure to get her a Guide too!

This photo is of a tractor trailer truck bringing pigs to slaughter. I was about to leave Bucknell when I heard them squealing at a red light about 500 feet away. I ran down to the street to get closer and snap this picture. Their squealing was incredibly loud, and the smell from the truck was pungent. I've seen just as much footage of factory farms as the next activist -- Earthlings, Farm To Fridge, Meet Your Meat -- I've seen it all, but nothing was like being face to face with this cruelty in person. Living in Boston, I'm not really close to farms, my only exposure to this cruelty is in booklets or online. After seeing this truck, I was really shaken up, I had to sit in my car for a few minutes to pull myself together before I took off for my second school of the day. After seeing this firsthand, I felt highly motivated to get out there and work as hard as possible for these animals.

Rebecca at Shippensburg University told me that she had been eating a semi-veg flexitarian diet. We conversed a bit about transitioning to veg eating and I told her about some easy meals I make and was sure to get her a Guide too! She was compassionate and understood the cruelty of animal agriculture, I just had to reassure her that eating veg is easy and that she's more than able to do so with ease!

Zach at Wilkes University gave me a big, "RIGHT ON!" when he heard my "info about helping animals." It was great to meet someone so enthusiastic about the cause, he thought our lit was phenomenal!