Monday, September 9, 2013

More Anti-Animal "Vegans"

A follow-up to last week's post:

The brilliant Vegan Feminist Agitator -- author of the important and insightful The Slippery Slope of Nutritional Surveillance, as well as the hilarious and insightful Soy Will Kill You DEAD, Part II: Revenge of the White Menace -- has another great article:

Note -- I, personally, have known two longtime vegans who died of heart attacks, as well as vegans who died of cancer. I know loads of vegans with Crohn's disease, vegans with glaucoma, vegans who are overweight, vegans suffering from depression, etc. And, of course, the Psychology Today poll (discussed here) showed more people have quit being veg than are currently vegetarian -- with the main reason for quitting being that they didn't feel healthy.

Every time we present a vegan diet as the wondrous cure-all, this case is easily and completely undercut by vegans dying / people quitting. (It doesn't help when celebrities / athletes we hold up as "vegan" eat animals, including Bill Clinton, who eats both fish and eggs.) Or, to paraphrase Ginny, the health argument, as often presented by vegans, fails the animals.

Of course, I completely understand the urge to glorify our veganism. But focusing on ourselves and our veganism is the opposite of how we can best help end cruelty to animals.