Thursday, September 19, 2013

News from around the Interwebs

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Vic Sjodin: "Just gave comprehensive 1 hr talk on 'The Unexamined Meal' to 20 very receptive students at Chaffey College. Awesome to see people wake up. (Picture of some students looking at Guides as I left)"

Salon: Chicken is killing the planet.

Think we should count on the government to help animals? Paul says: Don't hold your breath.

And a Professor of Health Promotion at Eastern Kentucky U just requested booklets, writing:

I received Even if you like meat.... you can help end this cruelty from your organization (actually my daughter was given this book while on a college campus).

I think so many people get discouraged because they have a hard time sticking with a vegan lifestyle, so I thought this book was very relevant because even if someone still eats some meat at least they could cut back, and then maybe eventually they would make the switch to a vegan lifestyle.