Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recent Posts from the Twitter

Jon Camp came across these recent gems:

It was nice to see these being handed out on campus. I hope people take the time to read them. @VeganOutreach

I got more excited seeing @veganoutreach on campus today than I did seeing Pink yesterday

@veganoutreach Tx for giving out your brochures at @frostburgstate unv a few weeks ago. My #vegan son received one. Glad you were on campus!

The fact that Vegan Outreach is on campus today just made my day 100 times better. #activism

One of the best things about Vegan Outreach -- in addition to all the new people who change their lives after getting a booklet -- are the connections we make with current vegetarians!

Picture Jon took at the University of Arizona, with a student
who has been veg after getting a booklet from me the previous year.a