Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple, Familiar, Tasty -- For the Animals!

Erik at posted a link to The Vegan Stoner Cookbook, by the folks behind the blog.

Minor rant: There are many (many) vegans who think a "vegan" dish has to be fat-free and/or gluten-free and/or raw and/or local and/or locally sourced and/or exotic and/or and/or veganic and/or entirely vegetables, and, of course, hyper-hyper-healthy and not within a 12 miles of a GMO. Look at the the ingredient list and the time required in preparation for many vegan recipes. Compare the pictures of vegan recipes to what companies use to sell their food / promote their restaurants.

This narrow attitude of some vegans reinforces the public's notion that vegan food requires intense commitment and mythical alchemy ... all for food that is unfamiliar and either taste-free or oddly seasoned.

But eating vegan isn't rocket science -- anything and everything counts, as long as it isn't from an animal!

Yes, that's right -- even if it is familiar and tasty!

And the psychology of helping animals isn't difficult to understand, either: to help animals, we need to convince those whose choices currently hurt animals to make different choices. The more we ask of those people, though, the fewer of them will change.

IOW, every time we focus on anything other than the animals' suffering inherent in becoming food, the fewer people change, and the more animals suffer.

So: viva easy, familiar, tasty vegan food -- for the animals!