Friday, October 11, 2013

Catching Up with News

Is this the most amazing sign of progress yet??

Meat-Drenched Oktoberfest Warms To Vegans

An honest health argument that doesn't hurt animals:

Factory Farms Fueling Antibiotic Resistance, CDC Report
excerpt: "Today, federal regulators estimate that U.S. livestock consume nearly 30 million pounds of antibiotics a year. According to figures [Congresswoman] Slaughter has confirmed with the FDA, 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the United States are used on animals grown for food. “Much of antibiotic use in animals is unnecessary and inappropriate and makes everyone less safe,” CDC [the Center for Disease Control] stated."

There’s a Major Foodborne Illness Outbreak and the Government’s Shut Down

New USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria and bleach in conventional poultry

Finally, if you love sarcasm and have ever even glanced at a comment section:
How to win friends and influence people online