Monday, October 14, 2013

Every Day for the Animals

Rachel Shippee reports: Halfway through the day at the University of South Dakota, I met Avid (above) who stopped to ask what he can do to help! We talked about how cutting back on ones meat consumption reduces animal suffering and he said, "I can do that!"

Rachel also sends this picture of Cory, vegan at Montana State.

Kassy Ortega reports: On the way to feed my parking meter, I gave a booklet to a student, Austin (above). He is a proud West Virginian who grew up hunting. He opened the booklet and agreed that factory farming was causing a lifetime of unnecessary suffering, and even referred to it as "slavery." By the end of our convo he agreed to "hunt a little more and buy a little less" from factory farms. He came back to me later and said: "I took your advice. Instead of going to the diner for lunch, I went to the vegetarian joint and had portobello mushroom burger." CLOUD 9!

Kassy also sends these pictures:

Brittany is now going to alter her diet to help animals,
at Coppin State.

Chris Dietrich (above) and Jessica Silva (below) make the animals' case.

Lauren Walker sends these pictures of University of Texas students engrossed in the booklets (Jon Camp in background), and Texas State student also engrossed (below).