Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Has It Been More Than a Week?

Time to catch up with Vic Sjodin again!

After reading the CC, Annika is going vegan;
at UC Santa Barbara.

"At Fullerton College, I approached Monica and Elyse (above) sitting with a friend. They asked about my accent and I told them two jokes and then we got into the AR part of it. About two hours later ran into them and they happily and earnestly told me they were going to go vegan for a month together and take it from there. I was enthused and gave them much encouragement and Guides."

Marco now wants to go veg and volunteer!

Marla is now going veg!

Annie, now interested in being vegan!

Heather Pierce makes the animals' case at Santa Barbara City College.

Three readers at SBCC.
Engrossed at Fullerton College.