Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hmmmm.... Where Were These Hiding

Just came across these pictures from Chris Guinn from last month.

These two young women at Lock Haven University were horrified by the images in the Even If You Like Meat booklet, but told me that despite considering going vegetarian in the past, they thought the dietary change wouldn't make any change in terms of the animals involved. I explained that as consumer demand drops, more and more animals will be spared lives of cruelty, to which they responded that they hadn't really considered that. From there, they asked about veg eating and I talked a bit about things I like and gave them each a Guide -- they were enthusiastic!

Very positive interaction with Heather (above); I'm confident the next time we hit Lock Haven, she'll be doing well as a vegan!

Cyrus (above) and two other veg students (below) happy to see Chris leafleting!

At Clarion University of PA, Kate (above) approached me for information, given that she had been considering going veg. Rachel (below) is not only veg, but wants to get active for the animals!

Jeremy (above) and Alexis (below) now working on eating veg.