Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Bits

Some great stuff for effective advocacy:

As Appealing As Possible

Key excerpt: "[I]f we show vegan food we should strive to make that food as accessible and appealing as possible."

Why is one death a tragedy, but a million deaths simply a statistic?

Key excerpt: "It's not simply that as the number of victims goes up, people's sympathy levels off. No, when the numbers go up, the amount of sympathy people feel goes perversely down. And with it goes the willingness to donate money or time to help."

Finally, Mike Sage and Ellen Sweeney of Santa Clara County Activists for Animasl were invited to speak at a few Political Science classes at DeAnza College, where they handed out VO booklets. After, they got this email:

"It was my pleasure listening to your passion about helping animals. My boyfriend, Alan and I are very interested and would like to help and gain more knowledge of how we can help make a difference. We were truly inspired and would like to educate ourselves more. Your pamphlet alone has inspired me to become a vegetarian. Please contact me and let me know what steps we can take to make a difference for the animals in our lives."

Shari at El Camino College --
another life changed by Vic Sjodin.