Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stories from PA

Chris Guinn in Western PA:

At Carnegie Mellon University, Carmen (above) was in awe of our lit. She asked me if the images were real. When I told her yes, she asked if this was happening here (ie, the United States), again I told her yes. She was shocked that this cruelty was happening every day in her own backyard (so to speak). I could tell she was moved at learning this all, she clearly knew nothing of factory farming before seeing our leaflet. We spoke for several minutes about the cruel practices used on factory farms. I gave her a Guide because she wanted to know about what to eat.

I also spoke with Patrick (above), a student who took a leaflet on his way to class, who stopped to chat with me on his way back after class. He was interested in vegan bodybuilding after seeing vegan bodybuilder extraordinaire Robert Cheeke in the booklet. He said that he understands that the cruelty is wrong, but he's big into his health and fitness so he wanted to learn more about veg sources of protein and such. He told me that he lifts weights, to which I replied that I do as well. We spoke about where vegan athletes get their protein, and I directed him to which has a ton of information for vegans who lift.

At Indiana University of PA, vegan JD (above) was psyched to see me on campus. Another student (below) approached and asked me to explain what our lit was all about. We had a really nice conversation about how cruel animal agriculture is and how easy it is to make compassionate choices. He was very perceptive and happy to take a Guide.

Another student recognized my "RBG Fit Club" t-shirt as being affiliated with hip-hop artist Stic.Man (of Dead Prez fame) and we talked hip-hop for a minute. I told him he should delve deeper into Dead Prez's catalogue to learn why Stic chooses to live a healthy vegan lifestyle (the group Dead Prez are very pro-veg in their lyrical content), it was a cool connection to make! 

I even had an IUP professor stop to chat with me, he was also pleased that I was presenting students with this information. He himself was a "pescatarian" so I spoke briefly with him about the cruelty of farmed fish and other non-animal sources of protein, he was happy to take a Guide! All in all a very good day of outreach, really feeling that positive energy!