Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Vegan Future Is Here

Six years ago, we wrote in One Possible Future: A Roadmap to Animal Liberation:

As we continue our efforts, more vegetarian products arrive on the market every month. Having convenient vegetarian options available is vital, as it makes it easier for new people to try and stick with a compassionate diet. As more people sample faux-meats and other vegetarian products, competition will continue to increase the supply and varieties, improving quality and driving down prices. This cycle of increasing numbers of vegetarians and the increasing convenience of vegetarian eating is self-reinforcing. Essentially, the technology of vegetarian meats and other foods is both driven by and a driver of moral progress.

If we continue to expand our advocacy, the growth of vegetarianism will accelerate to a tipping point, where opposition to factory farms and vegetarianism become the "norm" among influential groups....

At the same time, powerful economic forces will kick in because ... it is more efficient to eat plant foods directly, rather than feeding plant foods to animals and then eating the animals’ flesh. Of course, people aren't going to substitute tofu for meat, but that is not the choice they'll be making. Food science has advanced such that the best vegetarian meats are able to satisfy even hard-core carnivores. Deli slices and sausages from Tofurky, burgers from Boca and Gardein, Gimme Lean sausage and ground beef, Beyond Meat -- all of these dismiss the notion that giving up meat is necessarily a deprivation.

The faster the growth in people eating vegetarian, the faster vegetarian meats will improve in taste, become cheaper, and be found in far more places. 

Our challenge now is to expand the vegetarian market by explaining to more meat eaters the reasons for choosing vegetarian meals, while exposing them to new – though similar – products. The more rapidly we do this, the sooner cruelty-free eating will be widespread....

Despite all the current horror and continued suffering, if we take the long view and are willing to commit to the work that needs to be done, we should be deeply optimistic. Animal liberation can be the future. Change will not come by revolution, but through person-by-person outreach progressing hand-in-hand with advances in technology, leading slowly but inexorably to a new norm that, to most people, hardly seems different. But an unfathomable amount of suffering will be prevented.

I was reminded of this when I came across this review on Yelp:

"Wish they were in my neighborhood, 'cause I'd be one happy fat vegan cat eating some deep fried tofu with their crazy good tartar sauce, some slap yo' mama good greens and getouttahere delicious, amazing mac and cheese. (Hint: do not eat this garlicy goodness mac and cheese before a date) But on the serious? I'm a carnivore all the way, and I swear to the Gods above if Souley Vegan was in my 'hood I'd been eating vegan more days a week than I'd ever eat meat. This food is the shizznyee.. Not kidding."

The vegan future is here -- it is just unevenly distributed.

We can -- and will -- change that!

And today, your donation will bring about this vegan world twice as fast!