Friday, October 18, 2013

"We have a responsibility...."

At SUNY Plattsburgh, Madeline hasn't eaten animals
ever since getting a VO booklet years ago.
Photo by Lana Smithson.

Lana also sends this picture of Lara MacKenzie, along with this note:

It was only after leafleting that I learned that Lara had competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant. Here are some quotes from her pageant bio that I looked up online: "Her long-term goal is to use her marketing skills to manage a worldwide marketing campaign advocating for the prevention of cruelty to animals." "Lara believes that we have a responsibility, individually and collectively, to have a positive social impact on the world by being gentle with the environment, kind to animals and compassionate with each other." "My dream job is running an organization focused on preventing cruelty to animals and encouraging people to live a healthy vegetarian or vegan lifestyle."

Anna (above) and Sen, from Team D-F, joined Lauren Walker
(photographer) and Jon Camp at the University of Oklahoma.

More from Lauren -- Cheyenne helped Jon and Lauren
leaflet at Northern Arizona U; below, at New Mexico State.

Engrossed at McGill U; photo by Lana Smithson.

Brandon Becker at NC State.