Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where to Begin?

OK, so I'm way behind on pictures from the amazing efforts going on this semester! Based on sheer volume, we'll start with some pictures from Vic Sjodin (here with Yvonne LeGrice after leafleting UCLA):

At Cal Poly, I met Courtney and her friend Mey-Sung. Courtney had walked by and originally not taken a booklet then heard it was about animals and grabbed one. Later I ran into her standing in the shade showing it to her Mey-Sung, deep in conversation I explained a few things and gave her encouragement, and snapped a quick pic (above). And Mey-Sung is interested as well.

Also at Cal Poly, I talked with Melinda there (above), who is also now wants to go veg. Hugo (below) is disturbed by how animals are treated; we had a good conversation and he took a Guide.

Ran into Orlando (above) who was showing his friend pictures in the booklet. Orlando now wants to go vegan; he got a Guide. So awesome!

Nicholas Tomas speaks with a student at Cal Poly.
Melissa MacDonald at UC Irvine.