Monday, October 28, 2013

Yvonne and Vic at Santa Monica College

Vic's report is worth a full post:

Yvonne Legrice reaches students while one is deeply engrossed in learning the truth. 
First of all, thank you Yvonne!!! For being such a good soldier, ready to roll at 6:00 am sharp, and being generally wonderful. So sincere in her desire to help animals, it inspires me, and so funny and pleasant to veganize with. I think she's related to Magellan, she really knows how to navigate, its kind of ridiculous.

Up at 5 am, picked up Yvonne and off we went to Santa Monica. Massive veganization today. Highlights - saw many reading as waited for the bus, walking, etc. Yvonne saw a student reading as she walked 10 min after getting booklet. Overheard the beginnings of many conversations, "It's terrible how they treat animals..." "Seeing this makes you never want to eat," "It's straight f-d up what they do to these creatures" and so on. 

Met Teresa (above) who has been vegan since getting a VO booklet at Warped Tour in Marysville outside of Sacramento a few years ago!!! Reminds me of when I once was talking with two girls in Maryland, I asked if they were veg friendly? And they said, "We both went vegan after getting a booklet last year at Warped Tour." I was pumped. 

Anyway, also met Gerald (above) -- after reading the booklet he says there is "NO WAY I am eating meat ever again!" We had a convo and epic bro-down about his life as a soldier, basic training, hormones in food, animal suffering and so on and I gave him my info and invited him to a potluck, and he was interested, and he was excited to get an eating guide as he wanted advice on the transition to a veg diet. 

Yvonne also had a good convo with another student (above) and Guided the student. 

Another student asked for lit to show her friends Another student came back and asked for 10 booklets to show friends, family, and her church. I ran to the car not too far away and got her some CVA lit too and she was stoked. Its a social revolution. Each one teach others.

PS: Early on in the distance I saw a tall man in raggedy looking clothes approaching, older and in sweatpants and a dark sweatshirt, as he came closer at 7:31 am only then did it hit me it was NBA all time leading scorer, 19 time all star, 6 time champion, actor, yoga enthusiast, best-selling author and generally awesome dude Kareem Abdul Jabbar, so I sky-hooked him an Even If You Like Meat booklet. How awesome is that in the 7 o'clock hour. We saw him on the way out a later ask he walked briskly and wished him a good day. 7'2" with a longer wingspan, bet you he could really cover a wide walkway solo!