Sunday, November 17, 2013

Don't Like Pictures? Ruh-Roh.

Christina at NOVA Woodbridge now wants to go vegan
and help Kassy Ortega leaflet next time!

Karen James sends this pic of Jeremy at SUNY New Paltz,
who now wants to go veg and get active.

Also at SUNY New Paltz, Karen met this now-aspiring vegan (above)
and Jayne, Pres of the AR Association!

At James Madison U, Kassy helped Peter decide to go veg!

Cool dudes at Anne Arundel College, enthusiastic to get VO booklets from Kassy!

Super Intern Lauren Walker at U. TN, Chattanooga.

Jon Camp (above) and student reading (below) at Ole Miss.

Michelle Johnson at James Madison U.

Holly Hughes at Borough of Manhattan Community College.