Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jon and Lauren, and Hollywood Subversion

Jon Camp and Lauren Elizabeth just finished their big cross-country tour for the animals! Jon reports:

After 60 days on the road doing college outreach throughout the south for Vegan Outreach, I'm home, With volunteer help, my intern Lauren Elizabeth and I leafleted at 46 schools in 11 states, reached 110,091 individuals with Vegan Outreach booklets, drove 10,054 miles, and regrettably, only stopped at one Buc-ee's convenience store.

Huge props to Lauren. There was a lot of toil on this tour -- waking up some days as early as 4am, leafleting for long hours in the sun, and driving more than 1000 miles each week. Lauren met this challenge without complaining, always anxious to beat the past leafleting records at the schools we visited (which we accomplished at most). And being shy, Lauren continually challenged herself to get out of her comfort zone. The animals are lucky to have her on their side.

Lastly, huge thanks to all of you who opened up your homes to us, who joined us for leafleting, and to everyone who supports VO financially. We continue to see that this work really gets a lot of people making substantial changes. Thanks for your role in making this happen!

Also, the new movie Free Birds is quite subversive (see how it makes this reviewer uncomfortable), and a great leafleting opportunity!