Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Karen Joins the 100,000 Club!

I missed the post where Karen James reached her 100,000th person -- way to go, Karen! Here's a recent story:

Rosie made her leafleting debut yesterday at the University of Connecticut, Storrs today. She watched for about five minutes, and went to a different spot and handed out all of her booklest in about 40 minutes. She was surprised so many students thanked her and really seemed interested, some stopping to talk. She went off to class very excited! 

After getting a VO booklet from Karen last year, Rechelle
went pescatarian and then vegan!

Wyley made his debut in the afternoon. I leafleted Wyley a year ago, and introduced him and a bunch of students to each other -- they are now very active in the UConn Veg Huskies. Wyley laughed at how I was buzzing and spinning, running backwards for the skateboard and bicycle pass offs, and having fun. He said, "You've heard of the angry vegan? Well, you let people know that you are fun, believe in what you are doing, and are full of energy!" Had 15 bicycle, skateboard, and motor scooter pass offs, and many excellent conversations! 12 more students gave me their names for the Veg Huskies! Ashley remembered when I leafleted her last year -- she went vegan! Michael stopped by to say that he also received a booklet from me last year, cut back and is now working to go entirely veg. He got a Guide and also joined the Veg Huskies! All together, met about 20 vegetarians and 12 vegans! Change is happening folks! 

Jessica and Melisa, two others Karen has inspired to get involved!

Today at UConn, West Hartford, one student said, "I got one yesterday at Storrs." I asked if it made a difference. She said, "Definitely, I am now going vegetarian!" More students want to form a group on this campus, so I collected emails. One of them, Jaida, came out of the school after reading the CC, and said, "What can I do? This is so disturbing. I didn't know it was like this." I thanked her for her compassion. She said she had no idea that there was so much cruelty involved in producing animal products, and that there was a lot to learn. I gave her a Guide. She said she really wants to do more, and will start with changing her diet, and wants to leaflet with me next semester! Proof we change lives! 
—Karen James, 9/25/13