Friday, November 15, 2013

October Vic, Part 1

Yasin (right) bought a drink for "My vegetarian brother!"

At Riverside CC, Amber and Juan now want to go veg!

Also at Riverside, Valerie (above) is now going back to being vegan;
Elsa (below) is interested in being vegan, too!

At Cal State, Los Angeles, Mariana is going veg after getting VO's booklets!

More CSLA: Angelica wants to go vegan and help VO; Katie also asked for a Guide.

Also at CSLA, Gabby and Jennifer are now interested in going veg!

Over in Blazing Sun Land, Luis now wants to go veg and help leaflet!

Dave and Mario had just seen Earthlings in class, and were
excited to get VO's booklets.

Andy Mackenzie.