Friday, November 1, 2013

Please Share: Doubling Opportunity!

One of the many reasons I like Vegan Outreach so much is because of the way your organization incorporates and responds to feedback, learns from experience, and continually fine-tunes its approach to teaching the convertible about how they can eat and act with compassion.
Additionally, I like the tactile and personal approach of leafleting, and, of course, I love seeing how a small group of exceptionally dedicated people with a singular purpose can create change – especially when it is outside of the media limelight. To see subtle, but powerful, changes taking place with little attention from the media is truly fascinating and inspiring to me.

Huge Opportunity for You to Help More Animals!
It’s True: Double Your Donation Today!

To give you the biggest bang for the buck, a group of dedicated Vegan Outreach supporters have put together a new matching opportunity for you!

This means that today, your donation to VO’s work will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

Right now, you can use a credit card to make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, or send a fully tax-deductible check or money order to:

Vegan Outreach | POB 30865 | Tucson, AZ 85751

Your past donations allowed VO activists to take the animals’ case directly to thousands of new people every single day, changing lives and changing the world!

You can move this essential work forward!

Please click over to our secure donation page and make a fully tax-deductible donation today. It just takes a moment to make a real difference.

And by giving right now, you will create twice as many new vegetarians!

Thank you so very much!

I believe leafleting is the simplest and most cost-effective way to convince people to reduce and stop their consumption of animal products. I have seen firsthand – from leafleting with Jon, Lauren, and others – the commitment of staff, interns, and volunteers to make every minute and every dollar count, and to make every interaction a positive one. 

You can keep us moving forward for the animals!
Please click here to have your donation doubled today –
and create even more real, lasting change!