Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vic Sjodin in Mexico, 1

So stoked to be doing outreach again in Mexico and on a larger scale. Truly a dream come true.

Once we arrived at Metropolitan, (after bus rides, some walking and subway carrying a combined 122 pounds of booklets) Israel worked on getting permission while I made friendly with the security guards and ended up leafletting right outside slower gate for about an hour or so. Then Israel went to some other offices and I went to work on campus. After about another hour we met back up and leafletted right at other entrance to campus that is far busier. There I met 4 people who told me they were vegetarian.

One student (above) came back and asked for 5 more booklets to show friends. 2 security guards read booklet cover to cover and the one on busier side called me over. I thought I was in trouble but he unsmilingly told me this was important and good service to be doing. He then semi floored me and asked me to leave a stack of lit next to the sign-in board on his desk (below) so students can take one as they enter the school.

Supernice of him, and I saw several take a booklet as they signed in. And refilled his table supply right before we called it a day.

In over 500 schools of leafletting and 6+ years, today an unheard of amount of people came back to me to get a booklet after friend had gotten one but I had missed them or they came after someone else had been reading one, I would guesstimate around 20-25 students and 3 professors walked up to me to ask for a booklet. Got a pic of a student engrossed reading cover to cover while Israel was leafletting (top). Saw many many reading cover to cover or reading way later after getting one. Really makes you feel awesome to see so many readers. I almost forgot how epic leafletting in Mexico is.

On another personal note, I was very thankful I got to meet Drew and his partner two weeks back in Marin, who make all this outreach in Mexico possible. I can never thank Drew and all of you who are part of VO enough. Only thing I can do is give a full effort on my side of things. To be aware of the horrors animals go through, our human and first world priviledges and to be willing to sacrifice to help others is truly a beautiful thing. Glad to finally meet Drew and I hope on this groundbreaking trip we make Drew, the animals and VO proud with our efforts.

The highlight of the day at UNAM Chapingo was watching as a student stopped in her tracks where she has gotten the booklet, in a small plaza in front of a beautiful mural as the light shone on her (above) -- captures some of the ambiance of Chapingo and her seeing the light of not harming animals. Como se dice...sweet!!

I saw many other students reading, and three professors walked up to me to ask for a booklet. After leafleting, met Ingrid (below), who wants to go vegetarian.

Happy to see my Spanish has improved dramatically -- I am both studying on my own and also practicing with people everyday.