Friday, November 8, 2013

VO Changes Lives Every Day

At U Houston, Lauren Walker met Precious, who went vegetarian last year
after getting a VO booklet, and is now taking the last steps to being vegan.

At San Francisco State, Miles came back to tell Steve Erlsten,
"If you're trying to make me vegetarian, it's working."

At the University of Virginia, Kassy Ortega Guided Katya to go vegan!

New VO members -- Andrew (above) at Cornell, and
Dave at SUNY Binghamton.

Katie Jarl, TX State Director for HSUS, helps reach students at U Houston.

Ram also helped the animals at U. Houston.

Erin Gaines provides the animals a voice at U TX, Austin.
Suzeii Liu Sierra at U TX, Pan American.

Above, Ethan Dussault, THL's Dallas Coordinator, and Clair Amiel (below), at Stephen F. Austin U.