Monday, November 4, 2013

VO's Reach, and Veg Expansion Follow-Up

From a doctor in the Northwest:

I have long been a fan, having read the Animal Activists' Handbook awhile ago. And I truly love the impact that Vegan Outreach is having. 

Here is something funny - after Meatless Monday started at my hospital, a wonderful retired gentleman began writing letters to me - we have become wonderful penpals. A few weeks ago, he sent ME a Vegan Outreach pamphlet!!!! That's how pervasive your reach is! Not just college students!

So...I love the data showed in the Enewsletter - it supports all the great testimonials of your staff encountering those whose lives changed after reading a leaflet.

Also, following up on the uneven arrival of the vegan future, our good friends at Compassion Over Killing recently highlighted a new issue of Nation's Restaurant News:

The Oct 21 issue of this bi-weekly publication features a cover story highlighting the “Broadening Appeal” of meat-free dishes, which “prove popular with vegetarians and omnivores alike.”

Chefs are seeing “customers take a shine to vegetarian dishes.” According to the article, the “occurrence of vegetarian dishes on restaurant menus was up 22 percent between January and March 2013” compared to the same time period in 2012.

This tremendously positive coverage of the rise in meatless dining by an influential foodservice industry magazine offers yet another powerful example that vegan eating is shifting from the margins to the mainstream.