Thursday, November 7, 2013

With Vic in Mexico, Some of His Older Pics

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I'm always behind on Vic's pictures!

At Imperial Valley College, these four stopped to ask how to help animals.

Also at IVC, this math professor asked for more to give to her colleagues. 

At Mesa College, Jonathan now wants to stop eating animals!
At Palomar College, Jolene read the booklet during class
and came back to tell Vic she's going veg.

At East LA College, Freddy is now dedicated to going veg!

Also at East LAC, Melissa wants to stop eating animals!
Berenice Weber and Krystin Elize form a gauntlet of compassion at Mesa.
Melissa Macdonald at Palomar College

Some of the readers from those schools:

He never stops leafleting for the animals, not even when leaving!