Friday, December 13, 2013

Bonus: Big Ag Can't Believe It!

By Dan Murphy, meat industry spokesman and Executive Director of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, here:

"Part of my job as a contributor to the industry’s premier animal agriculture infohubs involves spending untold hours reviewing animal rights websites and blogs....

"One of the most outrageous claims I’ve seen lately comes from a small organization known as Vegan Outreach. They specialize in what many would consider an 'old school' approach to proselyting: Standing around on college campuses handing out leaflets touting the horrors of eating meat and the glories of living on soy food and salad.

"Here’s a snippet from the group’s messaging: 'Our approach is simultaneously pragmatic and forward-thinking and focuses on engaging those who are deemed most open to lifestyle changes: namely, the young, and, in particular, college students'

"At least there’s an element of honesty in the admission that their efforts are aimed at a population that’s, shall we say, 'susceptible' to propaganda about the big, bad meat industry.

"But when VO’s website begins bragging about its influence, and the numbers of susceptible people they’ve touched, all credibility disappears.

"Here’s an example: 'Wow! Adopt a College activists have been on an amazing roll!' a recent email to supporters began. 'Just look at these results. This semester alone, dedicated activists have already handed Vegan Outreach’s detailed, documented booklets directly to 933,321 students at 816 schools!'

"A million students! In just a couple of months?"

Yes, indeed, Dan! And 15,000,000 young people so far!! And millions more to come!

You are just going to love this page.

Why do you think meat consumption has gone, according to the industry itself, "off a cliff"?

And, yes, we do enjoy our "soy burgers"!

Thanks to everyone -- leafleters and donors -- who accomplish this "unbelievable" work!

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