Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bonus: New Record!!

Yes, you've done it again! Your incredible persistence and amazing dedication has led to a new semester record for students reached through VO's Adopt a College program!!!

Fall 2013
Total: 969,115

Previous record - Fall 2012
Total: 959,706
(All AAC stats here.)

Whether you are a leafleter or a donor; whether you are an individual in a small town or travel the country for Vegan Outreach, The Humane League, Mercy for Animals, Compassionate Action for Animals, FARM, or any other non-profit; whether you volunteer for VO, APRL, ARFF, Vegas Veg, or any of the many, many organizations that distribute our literature; whether you are in the US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Australia, or anywhere else on earth -- when you make a contribution towards or take the time to do outreach for the animals, you are an important part of our Adopt A College program!

This is your record. And together, we will create a new world.

Thank you for your amazing efforts for the animals!