Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jennifer Greene on Leafleting and Personal Life

Lisa Drapkin and Jennifer Greene were joined by four new leafleters at SUNY Stony Brook -- Christa Zaros, Deb Hollm, Steve Spagnola, and Rosa (below). Here is part of her report:

"It was an awesome day of training new leafleters! Christa, Deb, Steve, and Rosa formed a gauntlet across the width of the channel leading from the bus loop. During the lulls Lisa and I gave everyone technique tips. They were marvelous. Even though these folks (all members of my Vegan Long Island meetup group) were meeting one another for the first time, there was a wonderful camaraderie, and they were excited at the prospect of doing more leafleting in the future.

"Before we parted, I shared with everyone another reason why I'm such a fan of leafleting: it has been helpful to me in my personal life. How so? In the past, I used to spend way more time & emotional energy fretting that my family members still haven't joined me in going vegan; now, leafleting provides a productive outlet for my energy and passion. I take heart, especially during trying times like the holidays, knowing that even if my relatives don't seem reachable right now, I can reach hundreds of other potential vegans when I leaflet."

Rosa, Christa, and Deb.