Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Works Pays Off!

We asked John Oberg for his favorite blog post to run in December, and he chose this one from him and Australian Superstar Chelsea Collins (pictured):

"With over 300 leafleting outings in the state of Michigan, and even with the fact that Wayne State is only the 9th largest school in Michigan, we set the all-time one-day record for any school in the state with 3,740 students handed an Even If You Like Meat, and 37 Guides handed out!

"The leafleting was great -- super high take-rate and really positive reception from the students. We each heard things like 'this is so sad' and 'I love what you guys are doing, this is so cool.' One guy took a booklet from Chelsea and as he continued walking said , 'This sh*t is fuuuuuu*ked up!' Later I saw him again and he said , 'This sh*t is still f*cked up!' Also had a ton of productive conversations.

"Of course with most of this work we never get to hear about the results, but I do have this epic story to conclude with: My friend Stephanie Bay (a vegan I met at VegFest who helped leaflet the Warped date with us) texted me a day after we leafleted and let me know that one of her sorority sisters messaged her asking for advice about becoming vegan. She told her that she was inspired to try to go veg because somebody handed her a VO pamphlet on WSU's campus! That "somebody" would be one of us -- this work really does pay off!"