Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vegan Outreach Continues to Drive the Meat Industry Crazy!

Our good friend Dan still can't believe what Adopt a College has accomplished. He's been driven to sputtering incoherently ("So for Vegan Outreach to claim that the group has connected with fully one-third of its entire universe of supporters in a single college semester is about as ridiculous as trying to pretend that humanity has always existed on plant foods alone." What is that supposed to mean?)

We've really gotten under his skin!

I guess Dan can't be bothered to check the statistics (publicly available), which show 332 people leafleted schools this past Fall, at 893 schools.

He just can't imagine our dedication, our willingness to do the hard, necessary work.

Congratulations to everyone for driving the meat industry's spokesperson off his nut! I guess if your paycheck depends on people eating more dead animals, the ongoing collapse and vilification of your industry should be quite stressful.

Please Note:
These next few days are the most important fundraising days of the year for Vegan Outreach. How much money we can raise will determine just how shocked Dan and the rest of the meat industry will be in 2014.

Please help however you can -- send as many people as possible to

Thanks!   :-)

Matt Ball
Executive Director, Vegan Outreach